Attendance Awareness

GW Bulluck Needs Your Help!  Nationwide absenteeism and chronic tardies continue to be a huge issue.  As a parent myself, I never realized what one absence, or one tardy, actually meant for my school and for my child's education.
Did you know that only two missed days a month adds up to being a half a year behind by the time your child reaches the 4th grade?  And once a child falls behind, statistics show they rarely catch up.  It's a sensitive topic, but it is important that everyone understands that EVERY minute in school matters!
Last week, at GW Bulluck Elementary School, we had 125 absences and 160 tardies!  Yes, even checking your child out early plays a huge role!  With the first week of school behind us, we see that 18% of our student population was absent from school at least one day last week, and 23% of our student population was tardy and/or checked out early at least one day last week.  
Together, we can stand united in the belief that our children deserve every bit of their instructional time!  Here at GW Bulluck, we love seeing our children...all day...every day!  
Our goal for this week is to decrease these numbers by 60%!!!  That's September 8th, we want to see no more than 50 student absences, and 64 tardies.  Come on Bulluck Family...WE CAN DO THIS! 
We'll post daily updates all this week on our school's website and on Facebook!  You'll also notice our Attendance Board being updated daily, right outside of our front office.